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pgeerkens pgeerkens at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 2 01:43:38 MST 2011

Remember to ignore white-space changes.  Are any of these diff's really much
different than those of 25 years ago. I remember there being some settings
that could  affect the conciseness, or not, of the analysis.


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Thus spake pgeerkens:
> I could use a good word with Joel to get this into the trunk sooner 
> than later. (And I did 90% of the heavy lifting last weekend bringing 
> my branch up-to-date with everything you and he have done in the trunk 
> up to Sunday
> night.)

I'm making (slow) progress on this. I now have 7842, 7899, 7906, 7922, and
7930 committed to an integration branch so I can see what the changes amount
to. Trying see what's changed has convinced me that SVN's diff is crap.

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