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Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Wed Nov 2 04:00:46 MST 2011


> The option to disable stacking in a map window no longer works.

What exactly do you mean by 'no longer works'. I checked this module
with 3.1.0 and the behaviour is exactly the same. This module has never
worked as you suggest.

The problem is that you have created these sets of counters as At-Start
__stacks__ and so __stacks__ are what you get regardless of the setting
of the disable stacking setting. The same thing happens if you drag and
drop a stack of counters onto a stack-disabled map, the counters do not
magically destack. I can see an argument for the behaviour you suggest,
but it is a non-trivial problem.
1) The Piecemover would need to de-stack stacks when dropping pieces
onto a non-stacking board.
2) The code that creates an at-start stack in a new game will need to
check the stacking flag and de-stack if necessary.

The work-around in your case is probably to create the counter setup as
a pre-defined setup rather than at-start stacks. Another option is to
create each set of 4 counters as 4 separate at-start stacks.

Still looking at the other bugs you reported.


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