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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 2 05:26:31 MST 2011

"Brent Easton" wrote:
> Tim,
> > The option to disable stacking in a map window no longer works.
> What exactly do you mean by 'no longer works'. I checked this module
> with 3.1.0 and the behaviour is exactly the same. This module has
> never worked as you suggest.

I didn't mean in the module - I meant in Vassal in general

> The problem is that you have created these sets of counters as
> At-Start __stacks__ and so __stacks__ are what you get regardless of
> the setting of the disable stacking setting.
>  The same thing happens if you drag and drop a stack of counters onto
> a stack-disabled map, the counters do not magically destack.

Ok, understood - I was going by what the reference manual says which
suggests otherwise - "Disable stacking: If checked, then pieces will
___never___ form stacks in this window" (emphasis mine)

>  I can see an argument for the behaviour you suggest, but it is a
> non-trivial problem.
> 1) The Piecemover would need to de-stack stacks when dropping pieces
> onto a non-stacking board.
> 2) The code that creates an at-start stack in a new game will need to
> check the stacking flag and de-stack if necessary.

Knowing this I actually see 2 possible solutions -
1: we call it a manual bug and correct the wording so it's understood
that it does not apply in whatever cases specified or
2: Call it an RFE to make it behave as it is described which you say
wont be easy

I think 1 is the quick and easy solution right now - up to you what you
want to do with this

> The work-around in your case is probably to create the counter setup
> as a pre-defined setup rather than at-start stacks. Another option is
> to create each set of 4 counters as 4 separate at-start stacks.

I used 16 decks instead as that also solved the STL bug I found as well
for now :)

> Still looking at the other bugs you reported.
> Rgds.
> Brent.



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