[messages] Edit: [Developers] Bug 4050 most likely not a Java (Win L&F) bug

viewofheaven viewport2heaven at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 20:43:19 MST 2011

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"Brent Easton" wrote:
> With your 'fix' in place, you can no longer drag counters from
> GamePiece palette and drop them on a map. They just dissappear.

Sorry! Submitted a new patch. Didn't cater for the case where pieces are
dragged between different maps. Actually, they don't disappear; they
just don't get moved or dragged! Note the function "isClicked". The
problem with my patch is right there.

I don't know if this is a Java bug. The fixes I made are all logical
fixes (to do with logic). In short, it indicates that the problem isn't
at a lower (API) level, but at a higher (programmer) level.

Thanks for testing!

I didn't test if the patch works for Java L&F. Can you check if I broke
things for the Java L&F?

"Brent Easton" wrote:
> There appears to be a difference between the Java and Windows LaF's in
> the sequence of Mouse events generated when you cancel a popup window
> by clicking away from it.

Now, this would most likely be an API error. Is there a tracker for
this, so I can observe this difference? Currently, I've added codes to
work around this problem. I merely used the right-click pressed to
"cancel drag" (on second thought, you might wanna change this logic to
"buttonPressed != BUTTON1" instead, so that anything other than
left-click press will cancel drag).

Read this topic online here:

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