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wifferboy paul_wiffer at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 23:32:50 MST 2011

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Thanks to those who responded. My friend has no other connectivity
issues and we use Skype (audio only) without a problem while playing so
I'm pretty sure it is not his internet or wireless.

We decided to try it peer-to-peer and after setting up port 5050 in our
routers, it worked great!

When going through the Vassal server I've never had to worry about port
5050 when playing other people, but we plan on trying it again just to
see and I'll post the result.

Another friend mentioned that maybe the issue is something to do with us
being both on the same ISP. We have very different public I.P. addresses
but maybe there's some issue with ISP firewall or port settings - anyone
ran into problems going through Vassal server when both parties are on
the same ISP?

Edit: BTW, I should mention that further testing revealed it wasn't just
texting that dropped the session. It was pretty much any move as well.
We'd connect up and sync with no trouble, but when the person who had
been synced to did something, the other guy disappeared from the room.


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