[messages] [Module Design] Global Key Command Button does not show in MapWindow

Flaney flaney at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 03:02:44 MST 2011


I have made a map window for each player that contains at start forces
and some economic indicators. Using the Global Key Command, I use a
button to issue a command to update economics (which works). However,
when starting a new game and bringing up this player map window, the
economic button is not visible. If I then drag the window size bigger or
smaller, the button appears in the player window map tool bar.
Thereafter, the button will always be visible. Unfortunately, a player
will not see the buttons when first starting and wont until the window
is re-sized.

Tried playing with the width and height of this window, but there is
still no change to the initial missing button. Can anyone offer some
advice to make this button always visible?


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