[messages] [Feature Requests] Creating and modifying Zones

JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 09:49:53 MST 2011

I did a search in this forum and didn't see that this has been discussed
previously (apologies if I missed it elsewhere). 

Drawing Zones (and subsequently modifying their vertices) is really
onerous. I get that I need to start by drawing a box and adding vertices
from there to get the desired shape, but it doesn't seem like the
"Right-click to add point" feature works like the instruction would have
you believe. Whenever I right-click, not 1 but *2* new vertices get
created, and there isn't any predictability to how they'll modify the
shape--sometimes it's normal, sometimes the vertices get out of sequence
(not sure if that's the right way of describing it) such that you get a
bow-tie effect to your Zone, and you then have to move around more
vertices than just the ones you added to get back to your desired shape.

I've experienced this behavior for the last several versions of VASSAL
on both Mac and PC. Any ideas? Did any of that description even make

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