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JustaBill martinson2005 at netscape.net
Fri Nov 4 04:11:08 MST 2011

Thanks for your reply.  I'm not quite sure what to make of it.  It
sounds like...

  * You're on the development team.
  * You've had trouble getting help from the other developers, but I
have the help you've been looking for (not sure what that means).
  * You don't have any specific information for me on the ownership
  * You're willing to make code enhancements to support my module.
  * You recommend I stop using traits and wait for a scripting engine to
be developed, or collaborate with you to develop it.
  * You'd like me to help with writing tutorials and documentation.

Am I interpreting all of this correctly?  Sorry, I'm not trying to be
obnoxious, but I'm sort of overwhelmed by all of this information and
not really sure what it all means.

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