[messages] [Module Design] Creating a Scenario with a different map board

Furyn skidii at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 22:35:23 MST 2011

Howdy, I'm looking to do something rather simple, I think. I would like
to add a scenario to the SPQR Deluxe module. In this game each scenario
uses a different map. I have the map, and it's already apart of the
module zip and defined in the "module boards" section of the editor, but
I can't find a way to launch the module showing the new map so I can
manually place all the setup game pieces and save it as a scenario.
Going through the editor I added a Scenario [Pre-defined setup] with my
scenario name but I need to assign a .vsav file to the scenario before I
can save it. This feels like a chicken and the egg kind of thing. If I
can't setup the scenario I cannot launch the map. If I can't launch the
map then I cannot place the pieces on the map and save it. Without the
save file I cannot save the scenario. It's a vicious circle.  :lol:  I'm
sure I'm missing something very simple. Anyone have an idea?

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