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freddel fdelstanches at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 18:05:18 MST 2011


I am trying to make the paying pieces in one of my modules more
interactive and as such I placed some "action buttons" on the basic
pieces (through prototypes) to trigger some effects (morale, step
losses, etc.)

Everything is working fine except one annoying thing that might make the
whole idea moot:
when one rotates the basic piece (the game requires orientation within
hexes), the action button mappings do not rotate with it so it becomes
almost impossible to figure out where the button area was since the
picture does not match the button position anymore.

Is there a way to prevent that behavior?
Note that the "rotation property" is listed below (in the basic piece
window) the "prototype property" containing the layers/buttons etc. so
the graphical layers rotate fine.



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