[messages] [Module Design] Re: Is there a way to add a sound to 'Mark Not Moved'?

mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Sun Nov 6 09:01:31 MST 2011

Did you mean Mark When Moved? Either way, you can create composite
commands like this using Trigger Actions.

1. Create a Mark When Moved trait on the piece (keystroke Ctrl M). Leave
the command name blank so it won't appear on the command menu.
2. Create a Play Sound trait of the sound you want to play (with a
keystroke of Ctrl S). Leave the command name blank, like before.

Now create a trigger action trait with a Menu Command name of Mark When
Moved with a keystroke of Ctrl K. Under "Perform these keystrokes",
enter Ctrl M and Ctrl S.

Selecting Mark When Moved will then execute the (hidden) Mark When Moved
trait and the sound.

(BTW, the keystrokes here are just examples--you can use whatever
keystrokes you want as shortcuts.)

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