[messages] [Developers] Re: 3.2 builds

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Nov 10 15:16:28 MST 2011

Thus spake pgeerkens:
> Hi Joel,
> I don't see any of my HexGridNumbering changes on the trunk.  Have you
> merged these in yet? I have now checked in some new features and would
> love to see these in 3.2 if possible:
> 1) A Grid-Shearer capability for hex grids, that performs a
> 2-fixed-point shear on the grid, to properly align the game grid with
> that printed on the board. The snap-to functions properly snap-to the
> hex centre/edge/vertex of this sheared grid, and also properly snap-to
> in the hex corners instead of approximatig the hex-grid with a
> rectangular grid.
> 2) The hex-grid snap-to catch buckets for edges and vertices now use a
> child grid, which can be displayed if desired. (Quite cool to look at
> actually, especially in 50% transparent cyan and magenta, though I am
> not sure when I would use it in a game.)
> 3) A utility class __AbstractAttributeListConfigurable__ that can be
> used instead of __AbstractConfigurable__, and automatically generates
> the array-lists for Configurer on request. For an example of this look
> at my implementations of RegularHexGridNumbering and AbstractUIHexGrid,
> both of which decreased in size by about 150 lines (net) on conversion.
> The attributes are stored in a single LinkedHashMap, as sub-classes of
> AbstractAttribute based on type. Implementations of AbstractAttribute
> for all the primitive types, as well as Color, FormattedString, and
> Enum, are already supplied. These attributes are monads (implemented as
> anonymous classes) referencing the base storage from the parent class,
> and are type-safe.
> These are currently al sitting in the branch pgeerkens, and are
> currently written agaisnt 3.1.16; I am going to test them against 3.2
> today and will let you know when that is complete.

This is all merged to trunk at 8012 (up to 7930). New build uploaded. Sorry
for taking so long to work through this.

Do I still need to merge 7395 or 7943, or do I have everything now?


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