[messages] [General Discussion] How should opponent-finding work?

uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun Nov 13 11:16:37 MST 2011

One of the questions I've seen raised frequently here and on
BoardGameGeek is: How should I find opponents for games using VASSAL?
The fact that I've seen this question asked frequently tells me that
opponent-finding isn't as straightforward as it could be. I'd like to
start a discussion here about how it could be improved.

My initial impression is that some people are looking for pickup games
to play live immediately, while others are looking for scheduled live
games or PBEM games, and that this divide also correlates strongly with
game length. There are people looking for pickup games of things like
Twilight Struggle, ASL, and various Euro games, but probably not for
games which can't be finished in one sitting. It might be that one
solution does not fit both kinds of players/games.

So, I'd like people to speculate here on what an ideal system (or
systems, if more than one is needed) for game/opponent-finding would be
like. What features would it have? How would people find out about it?
How would they interact with it?

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