[messages] [Module Design] Re: Report Action problem

zmpouf the_ar at freemail.gr
Wed Nov 16 03:22:21 MST 2011

At the point I am now (almost finished module, just playing with the
reporting in chat window), the easiest way to go is to just hard code
the new piece's name. Maybe I will use layers instead of replace on a
newer version of the module when Vassal 3.2 is released (since it has
some new features I could use too :) ).

The reason I used the Replace trait is because at the time I started
"moduling" with vassal, roughly a month ago, it seemed a better idea for
what I wanted to do. I didn't know that it could cause me that problem
later. And every now and then I discover features in the vassal engine
that can make my life easier. It's my first module, I couldn't expect
everything to be easy.

By the way, all the ideas mentioned above are great. Thank you all for
answering my questions.


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