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Sat Nov 19 09:18:04 MST 2011

If you need to reset them individually at some point, yes, you will need
a separate command for each reset or a way to differentiate one piece
from another (PieceName, Marker, etc). If you know you'll be resetting
them all at the same time, than you can use the same command for reset
on all of the layers.

Also, if you want to control them individually, you might want to go
with a button on the game board for controlling the layers as opposed to
a toolbar button. Toolbar buttons can be limited and/or complicated to
set up for multiple tasks. You'll find it much easier to set up a button
as an At-Start Stack on the game board as you can place any number of
traits in the button to give you full control over the behavior of any
number of pieces.

> For instance i have on layer "SR" when you right click the unit you
> can place the layer on it, i put a command on the tool bar to reset it
> ,and it does but then it places "SR" on all the other unit's.

Do you have the SR level set to loop? Are you sending a command to Reset
or Increase/Decrease the level? From your explanation, it appears that
when you are sending the command out, the levels are looping to the next
level. Hence, it turns off those that are on and turns on the ones that
are off.

Post the link to the mod, if you like. I may have some time to take a
look at it. ...or, if you don't want to post a link publicly, you can
send a link to me at

DrNostromo at DrNostromo.com[1]

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