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DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Sat Nov 19 21:00:32 MST 2011

If you look at a fresh Layer trait, the first entry for is key command
is for Activate, the second for Increase, the third for Decrease, and
the fourth for Reset. The problem you were having is that you were using
the Activate command to turn it on and off. Problem is, if you use a
global command to turn them off, you'll turn the ones that are off, on.

There's a link to your mod below with one adjustment that should solve
your problem. You'll just have to make this adjustment to the rest of
the areas that need it.  

What I did was adjust the Prototype "br-air". I created a blank 70x70
graphic and I used that as level 1 and then used your graphic as level
2. I set the level to always be active and I moved the Activate command
down a line to the Increase command. Now when the command is used, it
will increase to level 2, which is the graphic you want. I used the
Reset line to reset the layer to level 1 and used the universal command
ALT CTRL SHIFT R on all of them. So, now, sending that command to ALL
units will reset all their layers back to layer 1, which is the blank
graphic. Those units that aren't using layer 2 will ignore the reset


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