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Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun Nov 20 16:04:41 MST 2011

Thus spake hipshot:
> The finding aspect is a multi part problem. 
> I think part of the solution belongs in VASSAL for the guys who arrange
> to play, but I have never been able to nor know any 1 who has said "hmm
> better do turn on that specific module and see who is waiting for a
> game." Plus I don't know the guy (sorry girls) nor do I know his skill
> set.  
> Most folks use another mechanism to find a game. All of which are
> cumbersome, weak, time delayed..... 
> What I want may not be what others want, but what I desire is some form
> of match making service based upon my preferred games, and times
> available, and what my friends are doing. 
> I dont know what can be supplied from the VASSAL end, in terms of data
> capture on your server(s) -Userid, session login time, game module
> loaded, time played/logged on etc. 
> But access to that data and the ability to hand off to VASSAL Server and
> create a session between one or more parties would be nice.
> I'm more interested in the part of 'match making' at the outset .

Of relevance for this thread is this discussion at BGG:


I'm still trying to feel out what people would find most useful.

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