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bdgza bdegroot at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 09:09:40 MST 2011

>From your dice comment I assume you are trying to set up a Breakthrough
scenario. When you've chosen your map board, you need to add an extra
column and choose the appropriate sideboard. So if you chose "BT Inland"
for your board, you'd then click on "Add column" and choose the "BT Side
board" before you 'finish' the wizard. The side boards contain the
cards, and in the case of BT also contain the dice display.

Are you creating a single scenario for own use, or are you trying to
make an extension? Are you designing your own or making one from the DoW

I've thought of making a guide and/or video to explain how to make a
scenario in the module, but not likely to have time for such a project

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