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When it comes to shoe trends, men's fashion is often left by the
wayside.ugg italia[1] , That's because the sheer variety and
ostentatiousness of women's footwear hog the headlines as designers like
Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik's latest designs are featured on the
catwalk.moncler dames[2] , But men's footwear fads come and go as well,
and this summer's trends for men's shoes showcase an interesting
direction for the field.moncler outlet[3] , For starters, two distinct
retro styles are making a comeback: loafers and hi-tops. Often dismissed
as the footwear choice of the fashion reject, loafers are reappearing in
designer boutiques and on the high street. In many ways, loafers are the
ideal summer footwear for men since they can be easily adapted to suit a
formal or casual gathering, and are suitable for both night and day

Moccasins, the close cousin of the loafer, are also returning but these
are more uniquely suited to casual or holiday occasions. Hi-tops have
resurfaced too. Commonly associated with basketball stars and early
1990s hip hop, hi-tops are now favoured by fashion experts as the
essential trainer item of summer 2011. While hi-tops can easily be worn
with jeans, they're also great with shorts and a shirt, making them
ideal for summer wear. The general style of hi-tops also feeds into
another summer trend for men's shoes: bright colours. Hi-tops are
typically bright hued or boldly patterned so represent the perfect
marriage of footwear design and colour in 2011. Loafers and boat shoes,
on the other hand, will be generally found in bright blues and greens
though orange and yellow may also make appearances. If you choose to
wear bright coloured shoes this summer, make sure your clothes don't
clash with your footwear. Stick to darker block colours, against which
your loud shoes will shine. 

And if you must wear patterns, choose something simple like wide stripes
(another key fashion trend for men this year) on top with black or grey
trousers. It's also important to pay attention to material when looking
at men's shoes this summer. Suede features heavily, particularly on
loafers and boat shoes but also on formal shoes, brogues and boots.
While suede shoes are a great option for smart-casual events, they're
not suitable for all occasions. 

Avoid wearing them with a suit as they may cheapen the sophistication of
formal tailoring, and don't wear them on the beach as they may be
damaged if they are submerged in water. However, if you're feeling
really confident - or you're a huge Elvis fan - why not make a pair of
blue suede shoes an essential part of your summer wardrobe? After all,
with bright colours and suede forming a big part of men's footwear
fashion this season, they may actually be trendy for the first time in
many years. Isla Campbell writes for a digital marketing agency. This
article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article
is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional

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