[messages] [Module General Discussion] Re: What happend to the Netrunner ccg Module?

Frizzler fabian.fritzer at gmx.de
Fri Nov 25 05:40:24 MST 2011


thx for making Netrunner playable through Vassal! I installed the module
yesterday and it seems to work.

If somebody wants to schedule a game, just send me a message to schedule
something. I am in Berlin timezone (gmt+1).
Note that I am new to Vassal, so you will need some patience.
However, I have been playing Netrunner for years, so I know the rules
very well and I am patient in explaining them.

You can add my username to section "players" on the module page; and if
there are actually other players, I will volunteer to convert some of my
Gccg Netrunner decks for Vassal, so somebody can put them up for
download to the module page.

SeeYa, Frizzler

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