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mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Sat Nov 26 10:14:15 MST 2011

Make sure that you download the file to save it, not run it. Then rename
the saved file, and you can launch it in Vassal.

What's happening is, Windows thinks the .mod file you are downloading is
a playlist. So Windows automatically launches Media Player and you get
the error message. That's correct--playlists do use the .mod extension.
This is why the Vassal module extension was changed from .mod to .vmod.
The Fighting Wings module appears to be a little older (2007?) and was
never updated to reflect the new file convention.

Poking around on the Fighting Wings module site, I found an email
address for the module maintainer at http://www.no-mans-land.info/[1]
under the "Contact" link. You might consider contacting him about
updating his files so this problem doesn't reoccur.

[1] http://www.no-mans-land.info/

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