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ronljacobsen ronljacobsen at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 07:48:03 MST 2011

My problem is that Vassal does not launch.  I usually get the animation
indicating that the computer is working for about a second, and then
nothing more.  I have seen various posts about problems similar to this
one, but no advice that worked.  I have reinstalled Vassal, reinstalled
JAVA and rebooted my computer in every possible combination with no
effect.  I can affirm that VASSAL did work this same computer about a
year ago and then stopped.  I have seen some advice that Vassal will
work with older versions of JAVA, and when I try to launch VASSAL
without JAVA installed, it asks for JAVA 1.5.  Therefore, I attempted to
download a version of JAVA that old, but it would not install on my
operating system.  (Too old.)  

I would greatly appreciate any new advice on how to fix this, other than
the usual of reinstalling and rebooting everything.  Thanks in advance. 
Here are my system specs.

- Model: Dell Latitude E5500 laptop
- OS Windows 7 Home Premium
- Intel Core2 Duo CPU  P8700 @ 2.53GHz 
- Memory 3.00 GB
- Windows 7 Professional
- 32-bit Operating System

- VASSAL-3.1.17-windows
- Java version 1.6.0_29 


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