[messages] [General Discussion] Have I got this feature list right?

curtis.lacy curtis.lacy at grgcomponents.com
Wed Nov 30 14:04:39 MST 2011

Hello, everyone.  I'm doing a comparison of the various game
prototyping/playtesting tools out there, and I just did a brief writeup
of Vassal.  If anyone's interested and has a minute, could they give my
review a quick look and make sure I got the features right?  The writeup
is here: http://www.globalgamespace.org/index.ph ... rt/vassal/[1]

Thanks for your time, I want to get these right so no one can say I
bad-mouthed their product!

[1] http://www.globalgamespace.org/index.php/prior-art/vassal/

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