[messages] [General Discussion] Commercial licence possible ?

survivant survivant00 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 07:51:17 MST 2012

I had an idea around VASSAL and I was looking at VASSAL licence.  In the
FAQ, I saw this : 

> The VASSAL.jar file is proprietary and may not be redistributed
> without written authorization. This component contains software that
> enables a module to require password registration before it can be
> played. If you are interested in creating a commercial application
> based on a VASSAL module, contact Rodney Kinney. 

How can I contact Rodney about this matter ?  

and IF, I choose not to use VASSAL.jar or don't use the "password
registration", can I still use it in a commercial solution ?

PS.  I'll not use non authorize games.  Only VASSAL games supported
"legally" (don't know the right term to use here).

Is it something possible ?

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