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stroar rstensr2 at online.no
Tue Apr 3 06:26:59 MST 2012

Hi Pieter. I wasn't aware of your question at the time I emailed you
about the 2nd Fleet module (I'm not very often on this forum).

The Third Fleet module was developed together with my friend Ian Cooper.
We were just about to play one of the large scenarios for final
playtesting when "real-life" suddenly got a tighter grip on Ian. He got
new challenges at work and less time for gaming and other leisure
activities. He has a family and a few other interests too, so
game-developement suddenly got to an abrupt halt.
That said, the Thisr Fleet module is as good as ready to release. We
were just aiming at finding and chasing out the last bugs.
I have plans to contact Ian again some time over Easter to see how he is
doing and if he will be able to invest some time in our final playtest
again. If he isn't, i might still release the module as is. The
remaining bugs should be few and far between and can probably be dealt
with as they are discovered by other players. 


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