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anonemous123 scottypitcher at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 21:19:47 MST 2012

"barbanera" wrote:
> However, it doesn't solve the problems of extra "grey" real estate at
> the bottom and/or right edge of the map. I would want players to see a
> perfectly sized map with 100% scaling, not to have to start fiddling
> with zoom levels (maybe using the "fit" capability, thus stretching
> beyond recognition some pieces/cards).

Set the default initial zoom level of this map to something suitable for
the average screen. i.e. so that all or most of the map will be visible
when the map is first viewed. Players can then change the zoom level to
suit after this (assuming you add controls for this to you rmodule). You
can't ask Vassal to set an arbitrary zoom level to suit your map on a
particular screen, so that the map fills the window 100%. There is no
mechanism for this, so I think you would need to code some Java yourself
to customise your module in this way.

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