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anonemous123 scottypitcher at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 23:16:46 MST 2012

"uckelman" wrote:
> > I know that replacing right click menu with anything else (like a
> > context sensitive toolbar
> > or sidebar) is a LOT more development work.
> The thing which I expect would be frustraing about replacing context
> menus with a tool- or sidebar is that these need not be anywhere near
> the piece being manipulated, so would require much more mousing than

Dead right. Please do not do that to Vassal. Short cut keys make the
program much quicker once you come up to speed and can drop the mouse
for some of the functions.

"uckelman" wrote:
> >
> > page do you see
> > "Back CTRL-B", "Reload CTRL-X", "Print ALT-F10" or just "Back",
> That's interesting---I'd not noticed before which programs have
> hotkeys
> indicated in context menus and which don't. (I'm checking this on
> Linux.) Firefox, evince, eog, gnome-terminal, nemiver, and kcachegrind
> do

In Windows world there are many programs which don't have good short cut
key assignments, which is part of what makes working in Windows world a
real pain. Good software has short cut keys there for when you become
experienced enough to dump the mouse. I would have actually argued for
MORE short cut key assignments, especially in the module editor because
that is one place where I am constantly click-click-clicking

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think barbanera is coming from the
Windows perspective, and wants a program where you spend your whole time
clicking to get things done. Is this correct? Personally I will give
this the big thumbs down and vote against this. We need more short cut
keys not less.


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