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irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 23:20:36 MST 2012

"anonemous123" wrote:
> When 2 players go for the same piece, only one can grab it and move
> it. The other player will grab thin air.

Au contraire, my friend, you clearly don't play online much. :wink:  I
think what actually happens is they both grab the piece and then their
clients' game states fall out of sync; one completes the drag event and
sends an update command, and the other completes the drag event and
sends an update command and then processes the first player's command,
giving them two pieces - or perhaps this only happens with decks, or
perhaps in a different manner entirely.  I would post a bug about it,
but I can't personally test the exact conditions for failure with only
one computer.  Anyways, never tell your players 'Everyone draw a card
from deck X', it will only end in tears.


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