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"barbanera" wrote:
>     Correct me if I am wrong, but I think barbanera is coming from the
> Windows perspective, and wants a program where you spend your whole
> time clicking to get things done. Is this correct? Personally I will
> give this the big thumbs down and vote against this. We need more
> short cut keys not less.
> While it's true that in recent years I have been almost 100% Windows
> based, I don't think that is the real issue here.
> After all, what about all the people coming from the Apple
> perspective? Even much less used to gymnicks such as command key
> short-cuts than Windows user, I bet!

We could spend long hours discussing the consequences of Apple marketing
hype but that probably wouldn't get us anywhere. To be totally honest
and looking at Apple users as a group, I doubt that any group who were
prepared to spend many $100's for an iPhone or iPad when the Android
equivalents are there for a fraction of the cost is actually capable of
saying anything constructive about the utility or practicality of

The point is, and this has always been true for no matter how many or
what kind of Windows or Linux applications I have used, short cut keys
are an absolute must. The mouse is a clumsy invention used for finding
your way around when you really don't know how to use an application.
Once you learn the ways, you can drop the mouse for a lot of stuff.
Actually I find that often I am pushing short cuts with my left and the
mouse with the right. But if I can reduce some functions down to a quick
sequence of control keys, then I am usually happy.

There is no way you can do anything quickly with a mouse. Just doesn't
work. The Apple people will pretend they can but then they are good at
pretending or they wouldn't be using Apple in the first place.

I do know that for example a right click doesn't exist on Apple. I had
to guide an Apple user to find the equivalent recently in an online
game. That is a deficiency in Apple world not in the real world.

And for Vassal, well when I replay a log file the other player sent me,
it is PAGE DOWN I am pressing not the toolbar symbol. I wouldn't even
bother moving the mouse up there in the first place when the PAGE DOWN
key is just near my right hand.

"barbanera" wrote:
> IMHO, it is a matter of playing style or module designing style. If a
> module follows the typical Vassal tradition of giving a virtual game
> table and virtual components to players to mess around at will, then
> combo keys are a must, I guess, and kudos to that and if the
> developers want to give more fine by me. However, if the module wants
> to try enforcing rules and give a video/pc game look and feel to the
> game play, then it should be possible to avoid right click commands
> and, especially, combo keys.

Enforcing rules? No, the players enforce the rules. In fact the rules
come from the book that came with the game in the first place. Vassal is
there just to allow me to communicate my moves with the other guy.
Really the game was a board and counters in the box. So, we enforce the
rules. In fact I would make a deliberate point as a module designer of
NOT enforcing ANY rules of any kind. Give the players the freedom to
work this out themselves. You have to remember, out in the real world
people play the same game in different ways with different variations.
Sometimes we pick up a pen and paper, perhaps some symbols on the blank
counters that came with the game. Perhaps some house or local rules. As
I said, I make a deliberate point of not enforcing any rules. Just give
the players the board, pieces, markers, some space and latitude, and let
them decide how they will play the game.

If you want to enforce rules and give a video/pc game look and feel,
perhaps you should try Flash rather than Vassal?


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