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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Sat Apr 7 07:58:52 MST 2012

(Long blurb about Apple vs being a cool Linux(?) geek omitted)

I couldn't give a dime more than you do for Apple users. I was just
making the point if that you seem to be sneering at me for coming from 
Windows perspective, then imagine whoever comes from an Apple one.
Indeed, I tried yesterday a game online vs my nephew who was using a
MacBook and right clicking (or even left clicking) was a real pain in
the neck.

> Enforcing rules? No, the players enforce the rules. In fact the rules
> come from the book that came with the game in the first place. Vassal
> is there just to allow me to communicate my moves with the other guy.
> Really the game was a board and counters in the box. So, we enforce
> the rules. In fact I would make a deliberate point as a module
> designer of NOT enforcing ANY rules of any kind. Give the players the
> freedom to work this out themselves. You have to remember, out in the
> real world people play the same game in different ways with different
> variations. Sometimes we pick up a pen and paper, perhaps some symbols
> on the blank counters that came with the game. Perhaps some house or
> local rules. As I said, I make a deliberate point of not enforcing any
> rules. Just give the players the board, pieces, markers, some space
> and latitude, and let them decide how they will play the game.
> If you want to enforce rules and give a video/pc game look and feel,
> perhaps you should try Flash rather than Vassal?

Well, mate.. first of all you seem to have lost yourself in your own
eloquence, ending up distorting the original point.

The point was about having right-click combo keys not showing up in
right click menus. __That doesn't mean they are not there anymore!__
Hell, I will surely be happy to provide a chart of all available
right-click short cuts for whoever prefers to use them! In my humble
opinion, though, a large chunk of players  - those coming from a
pc/video game background rather than a
geek/programmer/mighty-Vassal-geek one - would benefit instead from not
having the confusion of combo keys showing up, at least initially.

Lastly, since you went into discussing rule enforcement, then I must say
that I object to your absolutistic tone and I feel commited to point out
a couple things:

1) if you don't like enforcing rules with Vassal it's just your personal
opinion, isn't it? You should probably concede other people, even if a
minority out there, might like to actually try enforce rules, at least
for certain games where the module designer feels it might make a
difference in the enjoyment of the game. As for myself, I decided the
game I was interested in would greatly benefit from some form of rule
enforcement, turning it from overlong and convoluted to play (real life)
to actually enjoyable. Or that was my gamble, at least. Therefore, I
decided to work in the framework of the current Vassal engine to try
pushing the envelope and enforce rules as much as possible. And, as a
matter of fact, I just released version 1.0 of my module where I enforce
like 95% of the rules. (The other 5% I could not enforce with current
Vassal engine.) In other words, it can be done, no need for Flash, thank
you very much..

2)  afaik, there are discussions on going by the actual developers on
how to do some rule enforcement in Vassal 4. In other words, it is not
just humble module-designer-me, but something which is being discussed
by those in the know. I don't know what they plan, or even what rule
enforcement actually means from a general programming logic perspective,
but you might want to check those discussions out and voice your
legitimate opinion there.

I was just asking for the option to hide combo keys.. ;-)

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