[messages] [Module Design] Reducing units strength non sequential

barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Sun Apr 8 06:31:40 MST 2012

Do you want the program to reduce strength for you or the players
themselves by hand?

If the former, I would:
a)  associate to the piece originating the hit a global key command with
command key CTRL-A and matching property BasicName=$TargetName$
b) associate to the target piece a Dynamic Property HitsTaken with 0 as
default and CTRL-A associated to "increment by" 1 (or CTRL-B to
increment by -1)
c) associate to the target piece a bunch of triggers with matching
property like "HitsTaken=1", "HitsTaken=2" etc, all firing on  CTRL-A or
CTRL-B and triggering CTRL-1, CTRL-2 etc, respectively
d) associate to the target piece a layer trait "always active", follow
property value "HitsTaken", and use layers to show hits left with level
0 being a label "8", level 1 a label "6" etc (I suggest using Game Piece
Images to do this quickly)

If the latter, then just skip step (a) and replace (b) to prompt players
to select HitsTaken from a list, for example.

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