[messages] [Module Design] Need help assigning players within sides

PimpMasterJ jumiah at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 20:57:00 MST 2012

A friend and I are creating our first module and the game involves 2
sides, red and blue.  On either side are up to 3 players.  If only 2
people are playing then they need to control 2 players on each side. 
That's the part that threw us in a bind.

We've noticed that sides are distinguished by passwords within the
Vassal engine, right?

The only work around we can think of is making sure the Red side players
share identical passwords and same for Blue side.  It works but sucks
for game joins and setups.

Within the game, Red and Blue needs to have selection restrictions to
opposing sides, yet share all functionality with players on its own
side.  I hope I'm making sense but I'm scatter brained so not sure. 
Basically my question would be, is there a way to have players choose a
side, and then choose specific players within that side, while owning
individual passwords?

Thanks for any advice or requests for further explanation.

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