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mille1212 mille1212 at embarqmail.com
Mon Apr 9 21:12:26 MST 2012

Normally, when I download a module off of Vassal, I click open (not
save).  When I do this the main MM using pops up and asks me to enter my
first and last name, etc.  Then the screen pops up that say play online,
offline, etc.  Nowhere can I see where this is saving too.  Maybe this
is my problem.  When I click the save button, a screen pulls up with no
recommendation on where to save.  Maybe when I click open, it's saving
in a temp file or something.  Where do you recommend that I save the
files when clicking the same button instead of the open button.  Does it
matter where the files are saved on my computer?  I want to get this
fixed, as I lost 1/2 of my games again today.  Repeatedly downloading
them is getting old.  Thanks.

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