[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Disappearing modules

mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Mon Apr 9 23:01:03 MST 2012

Can you verify that the file is being downloaded and saved to your hard
drive? it sounds like you are choosing to run the file directly from a
download, not saving it to your hard drive. Is that correct? 

Your web browser has a default location where it saves any files you
download (Vassal modules, mp3s, whatever else) and you should be able to
determine this by checking the browser settings/options. Are there any
other modules (.vmod files) in this location?

Vassal simply doesn't have the capability to delete or relocate
downloaded files. So this is definitely an OS issue. 

What sounds like is happening is you are running it directly from a
download, Windows is 'saving' it to a temp file, you are playing it,
powering down when done...and at some point Windows is deleting the temp
file, perhaps when you power down...so your module is gone. But it was
only in your temp files anyway. 

I think you need to save the download locally (don't pick open)... save
it someplace to your hard drive (any folder will do--I'd suggest the
desktop so it's easy to see and find the downloaded file). Then try
running it again and see what happens.

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