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JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 10 06:57:00 MST 2012

"mille1212" wrote:
> Where do you recommend that I save the files when clicking the same
> button instead of the open button.  Does it matter where the files are
> saved on my computer?  I want to get this fixed, as I lost 1/2 of my
> games again today.  Repeatedly downloading them is getting old. 
> Thanks.

It shouldn't matter where you save them, as long as you do. I agree that
it sounds like it's getting stored in some temp location and then
disappearing when you are done when you use your current method. 

Just choose a location to save modules that will be easy for you to
remember and locate consistently. That could be a folder on your Desktop
named "VASSAL Modules", or a folder in your My Documents, a folder in
the root of your C: drive, or whatever is easiest for you. VASSAL won't
care where it is, as long as you don't move or rename the location.

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