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mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Thu Apr 12 15:24:10 MST 2012

A two part answer: 

1. I believe you are talking about something that needs to be added to a
given module. Usually, this uses Report traits on the pieces. For
example, I move a piece from location A to B. The piece itself needs the
reporting trait added (or, the map it's being moved on needs messaging
added) so that the movement from A to B is correctly reported in the
chat window.

Some modules have really thorough reporting like this, but many don't.
It depends on whether the designer put it in. It is possible to add it
later, however.

2. Even if reporting functions like this are added, they're not 'logged'
anyplace. They're reported to the chat window, but it's not possible
right now to capture this in Vassal. Unfortunately, there's no 'chat
log' that you can review later. (Note that you can copy/paste the chat
text into a text editor and save the results, but this assumes there's
game actions are being reported to the chat.)

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