[messages] [Feature Requests] Side specific layers (language choice!)

irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 14:12:56 MST 2012

The easiest way I can think of to do this now is with multiple releases
of the module - just change the image files but leave the buildfile
alone.  The different releases will still be able to talk to each other
online, and each player will have their own language on the cards.

As for the indirection in the Layer trait, this should now be possible
in 3.2 using Calculated Properties and BeanShell.  Unfortunately I bet
it would update the other clients with the new level - but then, I don't
/know/ that it would off the top of my head.  Play around with it some! 
For the Follow Property, do something like:
Then have a Calculated Property, CurrentMap_Hits, with value:
{ GetProperty(CurrentMap + "_Hits") }


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