[messages] [General Discussion] Using Twilight Struggle module to just track board positions

Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Mon Apr 16 04:17:45 MST 2012

Although it's highly automated, the only thing on the board that you cannot
manipulate yourself is the turn counter and the action round track counter
and ACTS keeps track of that for you anyway.  Everything else you can
manipulate manually.

- M.

On 15 April 2012 16:50, tsnouffer <ty at snouffer.net> wrote:

> I've started a new TS game but am using the ACTS system. I'd like to use
> the Vassal TS module to track the counter positions on the board.
> However, since the Vassal TS module partially (at least) enforces rules
> I can't really do this effectively.
> Is there a way I can turn off the rules enforcement of the module so I
> can simply move counters around manually?
> Thanks
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