[messages] [Feature Requests] Side specific layers (language choice!)

irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 10:22:18 MST 2012

"barbanera" wrote:
> "irishwulf" wrote:
> > The easiest way I can think of to do this now is with multiple
> > releases of the module - just change the image files but leave the
> > buildfile alone.  The different releases will still be able to talk
> > to each other online, and each player will have their own language
> > on the cards.
> Do you mean the checksum will be the same, even if the gifs happen to
> have different sizes? No synchronization issues? If so that would be
> nice, thxs for the suggestion.

As far as I know a checksum is never produced.  The buildfile just says,
"Hey load the image named 'HitTheStreets.jpg' and display it here."  The
synchronization process does not reference the images directly....ever,
I don't think.  I would make the images the same dimensions, however, so
that they're appearing in the same /position/ for all players.

"barbanera" wrote:
> I didn't think of testing with 3.2, my bad. I guess I could try
> calculating ps_lang as GetProperty(playerSide + "_language") and see
> how it goes (but it will probably show the value for the playerSide
> invoking the command, as you say).

Almost certainly, but then, follow property might be special, as it
isn't initially _invoked_ in the way that other property references
usually are - that is, as a result of a button press.  So playerSide
really might give different values for each of the connected clients
when they very first decide to draw the layer.

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