[messages] [Feature Requests] Side specific layers (language choice!)

barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Tue Apr 17 03:23:53 MST 2012

I must confess I failed miserably at using Calculated Properties. Either
I do not understand how they work or they just don't work with layers.

I tried the following on a new module:

1) added an at-start-stack with a single piece in it, no default image

2) added a trait CALCULATED PROPERTY to it with name "languague"
(without quotes) and value GetProperty(playerSide+"_language")   [NOTE:
also tried with PlayerSide, with capital P]

4) added a LAYER trait to it, which follows property "language" (without
quotes) and shows different images if language is 0, 1 or 2

5) added a SET CLOBAL PROPERTY which prompts the user to change
$playerSide$_language (choices are: 0, 1 and 2)

6) added global properties BLUE_language and RED_language with default
0, type numeric

However, when I start a game and join as side BLUE, say, it keeps
complaining that "BLUE_language" is not a numeric value. In other words
it substitutes BLUE_language (the string) for language instead of the
value of BLUE_language (which should be 0, 1 or 2). And the layer
remains stuck at level 0.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it just LAYER not liking calculated

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