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Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Apr 17 04:31:49 MST 2012

Thus spake anonemous123:
> "barbanera" wrote:
> > IMHO, it is a matter of playing style or module designing style. If a
> > module follows the typical Vassal tradition of giving a virtual game
> > table and virtual components to players to mess around at will, then
> > combo keys are a must, I guess, and kudos to that and if the
> > developers want to give more fine by me. However, if the module wants
> > to try enforcing rules and give a video/pc game look and feel to the
> > game play, then it should be possible to avoid right click commands
> > and, especially, combo keys.
> Enforcing rules? No, the players enforce the rules. In fact the rules
> come from the book that came with the game in the first place. Vassal is
> there just to allow me to communicate my moves with the other guy.
> Really the game was a board and counters in the box. So, we enforce the
> rules. In fact I would make a deliberate point as a module designer of
> NOT enforcing ANY rules of any kind. Give the players the freedom to
> work this out themselves. You have to remember, out in the real world
> people play the same game in different ways with different variations.
> Sometimes we pick up a pen and paper, perhaps some symbols on the blank
> counters that came with the game. Perhaps some house or local rules. As
> I said, I make a deliberate point of not enforcing any rules. Just give
> the players the board, pieces, markers, some space and latitude, and let
> them decide how they will play the game.

One of my long-term plans for V4 is to develop a rules description
language, which could be used to validate the legality of moves. It's
not something I intend to be mandatory for modules, and there will be
a checkbox for turning it off if you don't want it. So, yes, I think
rules-enforcement is important; but, I think rules-enforcement as people
attempt to do it now is entirely misguided.

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