[messages] [Feature Requests] Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Apr 17 04:49:57 MST 2012

Thus spake barbanera:
> I was just asking for the option to hide combo keys.. ;-)

Of the ways we could go---always showing hotkeys in menus, never showing
hotkeys in menus, showing hotkeys in menus if the platform does, making
the display of hotkeys in menus a settable preference, or making the 
the display of hotkeys in menus settable by the module designer---there
is no way we're doing the last one. It's a recipe for user confusion.
The "do as the platform does" option I see as better than the "always"
and "never" options, as it makes VASSAL fit in where it's running. I
still maintain that there is no good default if you let the user toggle
the display of hotkeys: If the default is "on", you're expecting new
users to turn it off, but I don't see that they'll know the setting even
exists; if the default is "off", then new users won't be aware that
there are hotkeys, for the same reason.

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