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Let me just say that as someone who use's a lot of the VASSAL mods, thanks for all the hard work! 

As in basicly I have no clue as to how to program. 

>From the user end, I'd perfer not to have the rule's enforced; 

A. it forces me to learn them 

B. it would mean you don't need the rulebook, which I have the feeling a few publishers might have an issue with 

C. I can tweak them as I feel needed. 

As for the right click's 

Keep them in, instead of having to remember all the command key's I can simply bring them up.  If you don't 

want to put them in as an option then don't. 

Of course I've used VASL since the beginning, so I may be setting the bar high for those who actually 

do the work.  :-) 

Again, thanks for the excellent work you all do in support of the hobby. 

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Not sure what I'm agreeing to here, but I think the Twilight Struggle more or less proves that VASSAL is not really up to the task of rules enforcement and by that I mean I had to do an awful lot of custom programming.  That's not the same as saying that VASSAL shouldn't make this easier and I'm hoping that it will.  I'm looking forward to version 4. 

- M. 

On 2012-04-17, at 5:15 PM, Joel Uckelman <uckelman at nomic.net> wrote: 

> Thus spake barbanera: 
>> "uckelman" wrote: 
>>> So, yes, I think 
>>> rules-enforcement is important; but, I think rules-enforcement as 
>>> people 
>>> attempt to do it now is entirely misguided. 
>> Misguided most likely. 
>> But if results are what matters, and if there is no other option at the 
>> moment, than I would just commend whoever managed to do it, not sneer at 
>> him. 
> I'm not sneering at anyone. I'd say the same thing about the Twilight 
> Struggle or Combat Commander modules as I'd say about somehting like 
> Google Docs: They are amazing achievements given the available tools; 
> nonetheless, that doesn't make the available tools the right tools for 
> the job. (If Michael, the TS module designer is lurking, I think he'd 
> agree.) 
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> J. 
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