[messages] [Module Design] Property Sheets and Text Logs

chrono280 chrono280 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 18:15:38 MST 2012

Properties on a Property Sheet may be referenced in Dynamic Properties
(via $thing$) or in Calculated Properties (in 3.2.0-8096). Is there any
way to work this in reverse-- Have a Dynamic Property SET a Property
Sheet Value? Like "initial health" or something.  
I can't find a way off the top of my head. Making a Dynamic Prop and
calling it the same name as an item on a Prop Sheet does not affect the
Prop Sheet as far as I can tell.

I'm looking to make a private text-based log window. The idea being, you
buy a unit and it says "X purchased in turn 5".  Is there any way to
send text to a Notes Window?
The only other way I can find to do it, is to make a Marker piece with a
Text prop.  I was having the Marker get placed, then get populated with
the correct Item and Turn# data then it gets sent to a "log" area where
it stacks.  The problem is, you only have as much space as the window,
and it is kind of cumbersome.  It'd be great if Report Action could go
to a Notes Window! 

Thanks in advance!

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