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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Thu Apr 19 03:59:26 MST 2012

> 2)
> I'm looking to make a private text-based log window. The idea being,
> you buy a unit and it says "X purchased in turn 5". Is there any way
> to send text to a Notes Window?
> The only other way I can find to do it, is to make a Marker piece with
> a Text prop. I was having the Marker get placed, then get populated
> with the correct Item and Turn# data then it gets sent to a "log" area
> where it stacks. The problem is, you only have as much space as the
> window, and it is kind of cumbersome. It'd be great if Report Action
> could go to a Notes Window! 

I don't know about the first method, but the 2nd method  you describe is
doable because indeed that's what I am doing in my module. Specifically,
I use an at-start-stack with 3 text labels, containing $log1$, $log2$,
$log3$, respectively. Other pieces or cards will then take care of
setting/resetting $log1$, $log2$, $log3$ as appropriate.

However, as you say, the real crucial point is the limited space and the
need for older "messages" being rolled out. Therefore, I added some
"rolling" feature to make sure whenever a new last line is written,
everything is rolled up prior to that.

Problem is that it does not always work (timing issues resulting in text
overwritten instead of rolled up and replaced.. no clue why) and that in
general text labels are buggy (see the centering bug, for example).

Feature request for Vassal 4... __rolling text__ trait?

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