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chrono280 chrono280 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 06:32:23 MST 2012

Found and checked out To Be King.  I can't find any instances in his
module where he might manipulate a Property Sheet via a keystroke, such
as with a Dynamic Property.

This would be immensely helpful in my new Space Empires module I am
working on.  Not only would it help initialise all of the piece data, so
I wouldn't have to do it manually through the Game Piece Pallet, but it
would enable me to make a working log of stuff purchased.  I.e. I could
have on a property sheet X purchased in turn Y.  But there does not seem
to be a way that Property Sheet Values can be manipulated by a dynamic
or calculated property, even though dynamic and calculated properties
can call upon Property Sheet values.

Anybody have any other ideas? Does a custom class exist somewhere for
this? Is there something in the Markup I could use but have missed
(http://vassalengine.svn.sourceforge.net ... iew=markup[1]) ?

Thanks again for all the responses!

[1] http://vassalengine.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/vassalengine/VASSAL-src/trunk/src/VASSAL/script/init_expression.bsh?view=markup

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