[messages] [Feature Requests] Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sat Apr 21 17:23:37 MST 2012

Thus spake barbanera:
> I didn't think requesting an option to hide key commands from the right
> click menu (but not remove: they are still there and I could give a list
> of key commands in a help page for whoever wishes to use them!) would
> cause such a crusade on what's wrong and what's right.
> Especially, not such strong positions like "no way we are doing it". In
> other words, you are saying that even if took you (or some other willing
> developer) just 10 minutes of your time to allow for this feature you
> wouldn't allow it because you want to impose your own view of what's not
> acceptable even in my OWN module?

The amount of effort it takes isn't relevant. What I'm objecting to is
that implementing this on a per-module basis would be confusing for
users of VASSAL generally, many of whom will use more than one module.
As a developer, I have to look out for how modifications like the one
you suggest will affect all of our users, not just the users of your

Every line of code in any program imposes someone's view of what's
acceptable on the people using the program. Without that, you have
no program at all.


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