[messages] [Developers] test build for 3.1.19

uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sat Apr 21 21:03:50 MST 2012

We've accumulated a goodly number of bug fixes on the 3.1 branch now,
enough that I'd like to release 3.1.19:

* 4363: When retiring, cancelling side selection leaves side == null
* 4259: When retiring, 'Become observer' fails to update other players'
* 4258: Large image masks in Non-Rectangular trait lock up the GUI
* 4204: Java 7 has incorrect offset for drag images
* 4184: Should use DocumentListener to catch updates on Swing text
* 4132: Bad layout for Map window obscures Global Key Command buttons
* 3075: NegativeArraySizeException when snapshotting large maps 
* Bad tile-counting when snapshotting maps

All of these are rather serious and/or old. When testing, please:

1) Try retiring and joining sides in various combinations, in order to
exercise the code modified for 4259 and 4363.

2) If you can, check that the ghost offset looks right when dragging
pieces. In particular, if you can check this on Windows with both Java 6
and Java 7, please do so. It would also be helpful to hear from someone
using a Mac. This will help verify the fix for 4204.

Thanks in particular to Seth Gilchrist for spotting 4184 and 4259, to
Lance Leung for fixing 4204, and to George Hayward for fixing 4132.

Builds are here:


The build to be checked is 3.1.19-svn8131. Please report back on this
thread letting us know if the build checks out for you.

[1] http://www.vassalengine.org/~uckelman/builds/

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