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irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 03:26:26 MST 2012

No, To Be King does not use Property Sheets at all that I know of.  What
I mean is that the module has the best implementation of a similar
function - recording a large number of property values.  If you need a
large number of properties for each piece, well it's going to be hard,
that's all.  You can use Dynamic Properties, but you will also start
noticing significant lag as the number of traits on each piece
increases.  If you only need properties for a small and finite set of
objects (like for each side in a game), do what To Be King does and use
Global Properties.
You could introduce a custom trait to solve this problem.  However, I
wouldn't try to manipulate the Property Sheet values, I'd just make my
own custom property sheet.  However, you will need to do some Java


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