[messages] [Developers] test build for 3.1.19

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Apr 24 10:34:41 MST 2012

Thus spake bdgza:
> The 8137 fixed the drag ghost offset issue. It now looks like it should
> on my computer.

Thanks for verifying.
> Two comments that are not related to the drag ghost thing:
> 1. Sometimes when you drag there is no ghost at all. This usually
> happens when events follow each other very fast. Like in the Memoir '44
> module when I am building a scenario, I clone a terrain tile piece, and
> drag it, and clone and drag etc, quite a number of times in succession.
> For a % of these drags there is no ghost or any feedback of the drag.

Does this also happen with 3.1.18? My suspicion is that the system can't
keep up with producing the drag images.
> 2. The VASSAL application is delivered on the dmg disk image as read
> only for all. This means whenever I want to do anything with it, for
> example delete an older copy, I have to enter my administrator password.
> Other software delivered on dmg's does not come with this problem.

To date, we've been creating the disk image with genisoimage on Linux.
My guess for why is shows up as read-only is that the filesystem in the
image is ISO9660, not HFS+. I think genisoimage can generate an HFS
(no plus?) filesystem as well, and I seem to have mkfs.hfs and
mkfs.hfsplus, so I might be able to use dd, mkfs, mount, and cp to make
an HFS or HFS+ image.

What would help me do this is to have some idea of what OS X is
expecting, as I have no way to test any of this myself.


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